Thank you to all of our beautiful brides and grooms.

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Caitlin’s Wedding
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Review: “Though I had dreamt of my perfect wedding gown since I was a little girl, the thought of shopping for it was daunting. When I met Heather and the ladies from Wedding Treasures at a bridal show I knew instantly that I wanted to begin my search at their boutique. During my appointment the ladies were amazing, especially Robbie, they helped me and my entourage to feel comfortable and excited to try on some gowns! My dress was one of the first ones I tried on and instantly fell in love. They also helped me find my accessories and a bridesmaid dress! This boutique is beautiful and the ladies are wonderfully helpful!” 

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Cara’s Wedding
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Review:  “Thank you all so much for all of your help, my dress was absolutely perfect! I had the best experience at Wedding Treasures and it was all because of your expertise, professionalism, and genuine interest in finding the best dress for me!”

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Kyllie’s Wedding
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Review: “Heather and Erin at Wedding Treasures were absolutely amazing especially since finding a dress was the biggest thing I was worried about!  They went above and beyond to make me feel special and find the most beautiful wedding gown, this included bringing in a dress they didn’t have in stock that they thought would be the one.  They felt like family and were even amazing helping me decide on our wedding party colors and dresses.  I can’t say enough about my experience, there is no other place to go for your wedding!”

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Kelsey’s Wedding
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Review: “Wedding Treasures exceeded every expectation I had about shopping for wedding and bridesmaid dresses! Heather, Robbie and Erin were so helpful throughout the whole process and we absolutely loved the dresses we all purchased. Wedding Treasures is so much more than just a bridal shop and I would absolutely recommend it 🙂 Thanks for everything!!”

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Cindy’s Wedding
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Review: “Wedding treasures is incredibly professional, thorough, kind, and caring through the entire gown shopping experience.  I had the most amazing experience with their staff and I’m glad to recommend them to anyone. Every bride deserves an incredible experience!”

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Valerie’s Wedding
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Review: “I purchased my dress from Wedding Treasures in January 2014 (Alfred Angelo style 2123). I knew right away that this was the dress I wanted. The Alfred Angelo dress was the first one I tried and I fell in love! Ashley helped me pick the dress out and helped me accessorize with a beautiful Alfred Angelo veil. She was so kind and helpful, and really made the dress shopping experience very pleasurable.”

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Tyaunna’s Wedding
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Review: “Wedding Treasures was the perfect place to get my wedding dress! Erin and Heather put in both so much care and compassion to my dress, experience, and my day. I want to get married again just to buy another wedding dress from Wedding Treasures.”

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Joe’s Wedding
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Review: “Wedding Treasures was such a joy to work with. I tend to be on the more particular side and up front let her know the look that I was going for. I brought my four bridesmaids with me and Heather let us choose some dresses for them to try on. Knowing what I was looking for, she brought out one dress that was perfect for each and every bridesmaid. Each of them loved it and looked beautiful in it. Heather also worked with my husband and I to find the perfect tuxes for wedding. We both have similar style but didn’t want to be super matchy-matchy. She worked with us and found the perfect look for both of us that was both complimentary and individual. I wouldn’t change a single look that she helped us find.”

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Heather’s Wedding
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Review: “I loved every minute of working with Heather and her team!! They made me feel so special.. at Wedding Treasures your not just another bride, they make you a part of their family”

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Jayme’s Wedding
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Review: “Heather and the whole Wedding Treasures staff are incredible!! Everyone should go to them to find their beautiful dress for their special day!!”

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Meaghan’s Wedding
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Review: “Finding my perfect wedding dress in 2011 was such an amazing experience at Wedding Treasures! Heather and her staff treat you like royalty, and because of that experience I have sent many brides their way including my best friend Theresa and soon to be sister Chelsey!””

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Maryann’s Wedding
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Review: “I went to a few different bridal boutiques before I discovered Wedding Treasures so I can easily say that this is the only place to go to. The help I received was focused, dedicated and knowledgeable. The whole team is nothing less than amazing. They carry so many different designers and styles that any soon to be bride will find THE dress.  I make sure to tell every bride about Wedding Treasures and how truly spectacular the team and dresses are!”

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Melissa & Jared’s Wedding
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Review: “Heather and the Wedding Treasures staff were so helpful in finding my bridal gown and my bridesmaids’ dresses. They made me feel special at every appointment. Heather did a great job determining the correct size dress that would need minimal alterations. I highly recommend Wedding Treasures to anyone who is shopping for their gown and bridesmaid dresses.”

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Megan’s Wedding
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Karen’s Wedding
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Sterling Wedding
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Orit Wedding
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Jessica & Kelvin
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Melanie & Nick
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Jenniffer & Rocky
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Amber & Corey July 12th 2014
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Shannon’s Wedding
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Gabrielle & Alex
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Natana & Cain
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Cait’s Wedding
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